Becoming (and Remaining) a Learning System in Challenging Times (Part 3)

With Fred Brown: Learning Forward’s deputy executive director As we step forward into rapidly unfolding changes generated by COVID 19, educators are being challenged to think more flexibly, adaptively and creatively than ever before. Sometimes it can be hard to maintain a growth and innovator’s mindset while managing the barrage of change. Learning Forward Colorado […]

Deadline for Nomination: The O’Rourke Prize for Outstanding Professional Learning Professionals

Learning Forward Colorado and Mrs. Anne O’Rourke are proud to co-sponsor The O’Rourke Prize, an award honoring an exemplary professional developer in the state of Colorado. The award is given in memory of the late Dr. Bill O’Rourke, a distinguished educator and professional developer. This is a wonderful opportunity to recognize the fine efforts and talents […]

The Power of Reflection

Join Nicole Burrell, Jim Curran, and John Eyolfson as they visit the power of reflection. They will share how the research behind reflecting on our current practices has a profound positive impact on performance. In addition to gaining a deeper understanding of reflection, you will also have access to tools and templates for personal reflection […]

How can questioning everything lead to solidifying your core values?

October 22nd @ 6:00-7:00 pm Join Liz Fitzgerald and Nicole Burrell as they leverage the challenging times we are all experiencing. We will use the questioning we are all doing around instruction and practices to affirm and solidify our core values and thus strengthen our practice. Come ready for a highly interactive webinar!

Professional Fellowship Gathering

This year brings with it many challenges. It has become a time of devising adaptive and innovative ways to connect and to continue our professional learning, meet the needs of students, and practice self-care. Join colleagues, connect with old friends and new, as we learn together and share experiences. Our topic for the evening will […]

LFC Annual Conference with Dr. Doug Reeves

No Matter What - Teaching and Leadership in Any Environment Whether schools are open or closed, live, virtual, or blended, what matters most for teaching, leadership, and learning? In this interactive keynote presentation, Dr. Douglas Reeves will address the key concerns educators, leaders, and policymakers are raising: Focus - how teachers can effectively focus the […]

Empathy Interviews with Marie Ullrich

In the midst of all this past year’s changes—chosen, forced, or otherwise—one thing has remained constant: being an educator is still profoundly personal work. One way you can continue to give your best to your colleagues and students is by conducting Empathy Interviews. This webinar will focus on the Empathy Interview: what it is, why […]

Feedback Forum

We need you! Learning Forward Colorado is bringing a group of educators together for a feedback forum to help determine the current and future needs of Colorado educators. We want to gather perspectives and information from various roles within the educational community. We will use this information to plan future webinars and more! Please join […]

Lifeline Coaching

What? LFC is providing free, confidential coaching support to members as they work through the changing landscape of education and the high levels of stress brought on by changes and uncertainty beyond our control.  From disruption can come innovation! Why Coaching? Help mediate your thinking and improve your efficacy as an educator and learner! How? Simply fill out […]

Repacking Our Bags: Moving Ahead with Purpose

Even before the last 15 months of upheaval and unrest, educators were carrying a heavy load of required content and standards. But over the last 15 months, we were forced to add even more techniques, approaches, and content to our proverbial backpacks. As we head into summer, it’s time to dump everything onto the ground […]


2 Part Mini-Series – YES I CAN!

Stuck in a rut with coaching? Wondering how other systems are engaging teachers in meaningful, job-embedded professional learning and coaching? In these sessions we will consider challenges facing coaches and other instructional leaders. Participants will engage in the Human-Centered Design process to actively work through current and relevant constraints in their work in order to […]